Urban Gardening: Southbank

Urban Gardening has carved greenery into a very public urban space this summer with the Queen’s Walk Window Gardens.

New Designers 2013: top weave graduates

We are very impressed with the level of talent at New Designers in London this week. Please click on the link below to see our woven textile highlights.

Soho Bees

Not something you expect to see covering three pedestrian bollards in Soho. No one knew where they had come from but we had absolute assurance that the honey producing hives on our rooftop were intact. I had no idea we kept bees, but apparently so – surrounded by an expansive wild garden that supports all seven colonies. Private access unfortunately or I’d be straight up there with my camera.

I do hope these lost bees find a home.

Peer Exhibition – BA (Hons) Photography at Blackpool and The Flyde College

In a flurry of good nature and booze, I was up late one evening poking around for interesting Kickstarter ventures to get involved with. A few months later, this turned up in the post.

Wharf 1846

Shanghai is in a constant state of flux. Just when you think you know an area it is flattened to the ground and rebuilt. Last October I stayed at the Waterhouse in South Bund and captured the chrysalis stage of Wharf 1846 and the surrounding area. I’m sure it will have changed beyond recognition by my next visit. The dry, crumbling textures of the walls and broken bricks combined with the synthetically coloured flotsam and jetsam sum up the transition between old and new.